Jewellery Care


Many things can lead to the wear and tear of jewellery. So here are some important tips to help you care for it.

  • Always store your jewellery pieces individually.
  • Take care to avoid humidity or heat exposure. For example, avoid storing your jewellery in the bathroom or near a radiator.
  • Silver naturally tarnishes with exposure to air, so use a silver polishing cloth once a week to wipe the surface of your jewellery gently.
  • Remove rings when washing your hands or moisturising and in particular when doing the washing up - washing up liquid is one of the only substances that can actually wear down diamonds over time. Additionally, it is always advisable to avoid wearing jewellery when doing manual labour (such as gardening or home DIY), cleaning, doing exercise or playing sports.
  • Do not shower and bath or swim in your silver & gold plate jewellery.
  • Apply any perfume, body lotion or creams and let dry before you put on your jewellery.