Sam Hamilton is Big, Bold and Brash but makes Fine Jewellery.

Learn her backstory below.


Standing at almost 6 ft, no one was ever going to describe Sam as a P.Y.T. Growing up and trying to be ‘one of the girls’ she never felt she was quite able to conform to her role. Jewellery became the medium which gave her the power and self-confidence she needed. From an early age, she was ‘stringing up’ whatever beads she could find.

Passion met ambition when Sam took a place in the National College of Art & Design in Dublin, followed by specialist training in Florence, Cork and Amsterdam, before taking a Masters in Luxury Product Design in Milan. The last move was to ‘the big city’ London, where she quickly downloaded Tinder and took up a job at a global luxury men’s brand. A few years later (Tinder deleted) and with a ‘now or never’ approach Sam let her dream out, and founded SAM HAM her own fine jewellery brand.  


Demanding recognition forged on strength of character rather than on expectations of gender.

SAM HAM is all about inspiring power and self-confidence. It takes traditional symbols of power throughout the ages and converts them into bold, beautiful, humorous pieces that intertwine traditional notions of masculinity and femininity.