Solid Solitaire Platinum Engagement Ring

Solid Solitaire Platinum Engagement Ring


A platinum engagement ring showcasing a dazzling 0.50ct brilliant cut diamond. Though beautifully elegant and understated in its own right, this ring is designed to pair harmoniously with various SAM HAM wedding bands, neatly slotting into each other for a visually arresting finished look.

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Each wedding and engagement ring is made-to-order, with diamonds being sourced from the most reputable suppliers in Hatton Garden, the jewellery district in the heart of London. Your ring is then made, set and finished in house before being carefully packaged and delivered to you. Please allow up to four weeks for delivery within Europe.

The new wedding and engagement collection builds on conservative traditions of a diamond engagement ring and a yellow gold wedding band, while bringing to life the concept that marriage sees two equal halves make a whole. The collection comprises seven individual pieces, any two seamlessly fit together perfectly complementary – almost with one incomplete without the other.