Bespoke Diamond Earrings

Finding the perfect gift for someone is hard. You spend days searching online, desperately googling. But rarely find that flawless fit. Ciarán had this same problem, until he came to SAM HAM Bespoke. 

Ciarán wanted to find a special present for his fiancée Gill’s 30th birthday, he knew she would love diamond stud earrings, but he couldn’t find the perfect pair. Ciarán decided to reach out to SAM HAM Bespoke and create Gill’s dream earrings in collaboration with Sam. He came with one request ‘I want diamond stud earrings’ and left with a customisable and unique set made especially for Gill.

Gill- SAM HAM Client

Sam and Ciarán agreed that the classic diamond stud needed an upgrade, but remain contemporary and minimal in its design. They decided that they wanted to add a twist to this traditional staple. They set out on a mission to turn the conservative and lack lustre stud into something unique, exciting and transformable.

Jewellery Consultations: Don’t wait until the last minute

Ciarán reached out to SAM HAM in May giving Sam eight weeks to bring their vision to life in July. Although Sam prides herself on her ability to complete a Bespoke piece in only 30 days being contacted early is always a benefit. Sam and Ciarán settled on a diamond stud with interchangeable charms.

Creating a unique, interchangeable piece.

Sam brainstormed ways in which she could revamp the diamond stud and she came up with the ultimate concept. She decided she was going to build a mechanism that would allow for new elements to be added to the studs at a later date. This idea meant that the diamond studs would be ever-changing. They could be worn in day to day life or made more dramatic. As diamond earrings are precious and something that you invest in Sam’s idea meant that new elements could be added for future presents.

Making of Bespoke Diamond Earrings

Three individual designs:

Design 1: Ovals

Oval earrings worn and zoomed in

The first design which Sam came up with featured oval diamond studs set in 18ct yellow gold. These earrings could be worn as shown, while also having the option to add on detachable charms such as white drop pearls, beads or charms.

Oval earrings accessory options

Design 2: Rounded

Rounded Earrings worn and zoomed in

The second design showcased round diamond studs inside an 18ct yellow gold circle. Similarly, to the first design these earrings could be worn alone or else with additions such as pearls or gold elements.


Design 3: Hoops

Hoop earrings worn and zoomed in

The third and final design was made up of a round diamond stud and thin detachable 18ct yellow gold hoops. This design could be worn as two separate pieces or joined together. In addition to the earrings ability to become two separate pieces, it would also be possible for the same pearls, beads and charms featured in designs 1 and 2 to be attached on. The design’s unique qualities appealed to Ciarán and was chosen as the winning piece.

Hoop Earrings on ears

Delivering the earrings to a happy birthday girl!

The earrings were presented to Gill in a restaurant in Dublin. SAM HAM was lucky enough to get their hands on a video of her reaction while opening the box, a real treat!

Is there someone you would like to treat to a bespoke piece?

If you are interested in commissioning a similar bespoke piece contact SAM HAM now. Following your first consultation your unique product will be completed in just 30 days. 

Sam Hamilton